Friends of 147

News of Friends of 147 Prize Draw:
February  (Inaugural draw)      Number 0006           Prize £20
March                                            Number 0067            Prize £20
April                                               Number 0006            Prize £20
May                                                Number 0101            Prize £20
June,     Winner J. O. Taylor       Number 0001            Prize £20
July,      Winner W. D. Adam      Number 0022            Prize £20
August                J. O. Taylor                                           Prize £20
October             David Thorn           £20
November  ​       Finlay Campbell     £20
December         William Methven   £20
January            Finlay Campbell
February          Reg. Peat
March               James Taylor
April                  Ernie Martin
May                   Craig Seggie
June                  Finlay Campbell
July                   Martin Byrom
Aug                   Reg Peat
Sept                  Ernest Martin
Oct                    Douglas Adam
Nov                   Craig Seggie
December         Michelle Peat
January            Robert Macaloney
February          Ernie Martin
March               Dougie Adam

In the last year Oct 2019 to September 2020 the Friends of 147 Prize Draw contributed a net total of £895 for Lodge funds. 
In difficult times this was the second largest fundraising activity in the Lodge. 
It is designed to appeal to those who cannot attend Lodge Meetings regularly and want to support their Lodge.  
At £5 per calendar month and a Monthly Prize Draw (25% of monthly income) it represents good value all round. 
Please contact me if you wish to join.

A large number of Friends of 147 forms are outstanding.  
Please send the mandate section off to your bank/building society asap and before the end of March to be included in the April draw.  
You've got to be in it to win it.   More participants the higher the prize money.




For further information please contact the Lodge Secretary:-
James Hope