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Hi Brethren,

Welcome to the first Bulletin of 2021.   I Trust you and yours are well and I offer my best wishes for the New Year.   
Congratulations to Brother Gordon Finlay WJW on reaching 50 years service as a member of our Lodge.
Congratulations are also due to three members on achieving notable milestones in Freemasonry.  Under normal circumstances, Brother Bill Methven PM and Brother J.O. Taylor PM would have been presented with 50-year Diploma's on the 16th January 2021 and Brother J. Hope PM would have received his 60-year Diploma on the same evening.  I am guessing James joined when he was 35, I must have been 10.
In 2020, Brother Sandy Taylor and Brother Andy Campbell (MM Cadder Argyle, PM Lodge Montrose No. 15) achieved 50 year service awards.   Diplomas to be formally presented asap.
Looks like we have a big celebration party coming when we can meet again.   I am sure you will join me in proposing JOT as catering manager for the evening.  Nae pressure James!
Please let me know if you are due any Masonic Awards and also if your contact details are changing.
Take care, stay well
Jim Hope PM

The annual draw organised by the RWM took place last Saturday, on what would, in normal times, have been our Installation.  
The Prize number is the same as the Bonus Ball drawn on the National Lottery Saturday draw and the winner this Year was Billy Cairns PM   Congratulations!

I trust you and your families are well and bearing up in these difficult times.   Everyone has suffered to a greater or lesser extent because of Covid – 19 and our thoughts and prayers must be with those who have suffered most.You will no doubt be wondering about the future of your Lodge and when we can meet again. Grand Lodge and Provincial Grand Lodge advice is that all meetings and activities should cease at least until mid -January 2021, when further advice will be offered.
This meant all activities had to be cancelled, including a Race Night, Open Night, Annual Installation, Christmas Party, and the Burns Supper in early 2021.    The cancellation of the Annual Installation means that I shall continue as Right Worshipful Master until such times as we can hold the event and appoint another person in my place.   Until then I would ask all Office bearers to remain in pos
The “lockdown” has also affected planning to celebrate the 250th Anniversaries of the Lodge, the Founding in 2021 and the Grant of a Charter in 2027.     For the Founding we would like to hold a Dinner in the Hall, hopefully in early summer.   Main celebrations will be in 2027.    As part of planning for 2027 we had planned an Open Night, where members would be invited to bring a potential candidate(s) for an informal introduction to Freemasonry and Lodge Cadder Argyle.
I propose we still hold an Open Night using on-line technology.   In accordance with Grand Lodge thinking I therefore invite you to approach someone you think would be interested in Freemasonry and ask them to attend.   To assist find attached our information sheet on Freemasonry.  I would like to hold a Zoom Open Night meeting in January 2021 and will be in touch with a reminder in due course.
Please keep in touch with each other, stay well and take care.
John J. Mackie RWM
20th November 2020

We are near to the due date for payment of Test Fees and your Lodge will be open for that purpose on Tuesday 3rd November from 7.30 till 9.00 pm.  Anti-Covid precautions will be observed and we would ask all attending to wear face masks.
Any cheques should be made payable to Lodge Cadder Argyle.
As a result of the Pandemic, Lodge income has fallen dramatically.   We still have to maintain and upgrade premises and the Master Brother John. J. Mackie has requested the fullest support from Members at this time by payment of Test Fees and/or from donations 
Please note, the Grand Lodge of Scotland has suspended Law 126 of its Constitution and Laws until the 5th February 2021.   Under Law 126, a "lapsed" member is normally required to pay two years Fees plus current year Fees to be "clear on the books".     This temporary suspension means in effect a "lapsed" 147 member would save £70 on Test Fees, i.e. only requiring to pay £35.     Please pass this information on to as many members as you can - e-mail circulation extends to 68 persons and we believe our existing membership list exceeds 300!

I trust you and yours are safe and well.

Following the recent announcement about "Lockdown" precautions in North Lanarkshire,
the Master Brother John J. Mackie has decided to cancel Tuesday Club meetings with immediate effect until further notice.
I shall shortly be ordering Masonic Diaries 2021.    Last year we had a few 2020 diaries left over.  
Please indicate if you wish to order for 2021, by return.
My appeal for sponsorship of Bill Cleland's cycle trip to raise funds for the Lodge has reached £100.   Your support would be welcomed to help Bill achieve a target of £400.
Take care, stay well.

Following instruction from the Grand Master Mason and our Provincial Grand Master, the Lodge will not meet in any official capacity until January 2021, when Grand Lodge will appraise the Covid-19 situation and instruct accordingly.

I hope you and your family are well and enjoying life despite the effects of "lockdown".
Still no clear indication of when we might get back to normal and when we can meet again.  
Last Thursday our Management Committee met to discuss future plans as much as we were able.  
We almost had a 100% turnout on a Zoom online meeting format - only one absentee due to a technical problem-he hasn't got a computer!   Working on that!
We felt we had to plan ahead and make some early arrangements as follows:
Past Masters Dinner                                      Friday 1st October 2020
Installation                                                  Saturday 21st November 2020 
Burns Supper                                               Friday 8th January 2021
Speakers Night                                             Friday 26th February 2021
250th Anniversary Celebrations                       May/June 2021 TBC

A programme has been compiled for the Installation and Speakers arranged for the Burns Supper.    Arrangements for the Past Masters Dinner and the Speakers Night are, as always, well advanced in the capable hands of James O Taylor and Joe Bunch respectively.  Anniversary celebrations area being planned to mark the founding of the Lodge in 1771.   Main celebrations will take place in 2028 to mark the grant of our Charter, and we anticipate the 2021 event will be in the form of a Dinner. 

I am delighted to inform the Lodge has again donated to local charities.    Earlier in the Pandemic we donated £125 each to Chryston Parish Church and St. Barbara's Church to help local people facing hardship.   Last week further donations of £125 each were given to Moodiesburn Food  Bank and CCMeadow Food Bank (Cardowan).     The Lodge will also apply to a recently announced Grand Lodge of Scotland Fund for additional monies to support these worthy causes.

Whilst the future may seem uncertain, Lodge Cadder Argyle is looking forward with confidence.   We have other ideas to promote our Lodge and Freemasonry and we need your assistance.   Through our e-mail list we have contact with 60+ members but we know there are many in the surrounding areas who are lapsed members and we have no contact with them.   Please help by inviting those whom you meet to give you their contact details and pass to the Secretary.

My best wishes to you, take care and stay well

Fraternally yours
John. J. Mackie RWM

It is my sad duty to advise you that PM Bro David Wotherspoon of 199 has passed to the Grand Lodge Above after a long battle with illness.
He passed away peacefully on Saturday evening at 6.30 pm.
Obviously there are no details as yet to any funeral arrangements.
Our thoughts and prayers go to his wife and surviving family.

It is with sadness I report the death of Mrs Margaret Smith, wife of our Late Provincial Grand Master and Past Master of our Lodge, Brother Ian Smith.
I was informed by Brother R. Peat PM, Provincial Grand Secretary and our Almoner Brother D. Adam that she died on Saturday morning 18 April .
I would ask you to remember Mrs Smith and her family in your thoughts and prayers.


On behalf of Lodge Cadder Argyle, the Master, Brother John Mackie, has authorised charitable donations to Chryston Parish and St. Barbara's Churches.  
They were chosen because the Rev. Mark Malcolm and Father Kenny each have a fund they use to help families facing hardship and distress.    Each will Church receive £125.
For information, the Masonic Hall has been in effect closed down with its heating system turned off.  It is visited once per week to check on condition.   
The Master, Treasurer and Secretary are in regular contact with each other, and with our Provincial Grand Secretary, to ensure administrative and accounting procedures are maintained.
Sadly I have to inform you of the death of a much respected member of 195, Brother John Fraser.  
John fulfilled IG and Tyler offices at Lodge Caledonian St. John Royal Arch for many years, was famous for his Clootie Dumplings, and was known to many 147 members.
Finally a note of optimism.   Last week I took a booking for a 40th Birthday Party in the Hall for Saturday 30th October 2021 - yes 2021!

I hope you and your families are well and finding things to do during this “lockdown”.
I am still working but I realise how llves are being affected by Covid-19.   My heart goes out to the victims of the virus and their families and I pray that the day will soon come when life as we knew it can return.
Our Masonic activities are also in lockdown and from all the evidence it seems we will not be able to meet again until late summer.   So far we have had to cancel a planned Charity Race Night, an Open Day, participation in the Local Gala, four Regular meetings, two visitations and a Management Committee Meeting.
Be assured however, the work and the influence of the Lodge will continue.   I want to ensure the well being of all members and their families and I would ask that you contact me if you or a brother you know of needs assistance.    To maintain contact with you, the Lodge will increase the regularity of its information bulletin, which will cover diverse subjects of interest to members.
I also want the Lodge to support our community in these difficult times and I am identifying local community groups who would benefit from our support.  Your approval is important and I shall contact you soon with recommendations.

My best wishes, take care and God bless
Yours fraternally,
Brother John J. Mackie
Right Worshipful Master
Lodge Cadder Argyle No 147

We have received a letter from the Provincial Grand Secretary containing a directive from the Provincial Grand Master James Forrest that all Masonic activities should cease immediately until further notice, given the continuing threat of Coronavirus.   
We will keep you up to date with the situation


Jim Hope PM


Secretary’s Report 2018/2019

In my fourth Secretary’s Report I can report a slight  increase in attendances overall, but a fall in attendance of 147 members.

We held 18 Regular Meetings over the last year with an average attendance of 37, one down on the previous year.  The average attendance of 147 members fell from 25 to 22, though visitor numbers rose by 2 to 15 per meeting. The highest attended Meeting was the Annual Installation 2018 when 81 signed the sederunt, including 47 visiting Brethren.   Our lowest attended Meeting was the 4th October 2019 with 17 Brethren, including 1 visitor.  Average attendance of Office bearers was 12.

Total footfall at Regular Meetings was 664.

Over the period 1 candidate was admitted and 1 Honorary Membership conferred.  We held 11-degree ceremonies:-

1-Entered Apprentice Degree, 9-Fellowcraft Degrees and 1-Master Mason Degree.   Of these ceremonies 6-were conferred by visiting Lodges, 4- from within and 2-from outwith the Province of Dunbartonshire.   Lodge Cadder Argyle conferred 7-degrees for other Lodges, 5- within and 2- outwith the Province

Other meetings comprised the Election Meeting, AGM, Installation, Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation, Management Committee Meetings (4) and 3- Meetings where only Lodge business was conducted.

At present we have no applicants for Initiation.

During the period the Lodge organised and participated in social activities, including the Lodge Annual Dance, Children’s Christmas Party, Burns Supper, Speakers Night and the Chryston and Muirhead Gala Day.   The Masonic Hall catered for 14 private functions and the facility was hired weekly by a Dance Class, a Baby Sensory Group, an Exercise Group, a Ballroom Class, and was utilised on 12 occasions by three member based organisations.  The Lodge is represented on the Local Gala Committee and on the Chryston and District Horticultural Society.

The Lodge uses electronic media to good effect.  Lodge Minutes are e-mailed to members,  Our website  registers  many “hits” per month (webmaster Ernie Martin PM)  and our e-mail communication billet “LCAnews” was issued on 45 occasions throughout the year to 65 members

During the year the Lodge launched a “Friends of 147” prize draw fundraising venture costing £5 per month, payable by a Bank Standing Order.   Despite a slow take-up it made a good contribution to Lodge finances, and with support has the potential to be a major fundraiser.  In response to concerns over the future of the Lodge, a paper for discussion was approved in open Lodge and will be sent via e-mail to all registered in the Lodge distribution list.

As I prepare and look forward to 2020, I hope to be able to inform of increased application and attendance statistics in my next Report.

Jim Hope PM