Syllabus 2022

In consideration of a recent spike in Covid-19 infections, the RWM Brother William H. Cairns wishes to make it known he understands and respects the views of members who may decide not to attend.
Please note, anti - infection precautions will be observed.   Signing in Test and Trace, social distancing and face mask wearing procedures will be strictly followed.  

January 2022

Thursday 6th          Regular Meeting
Saturday 15th         Regular Meeting

February 2022
Thursday 3rd         EA Degree by 147
Saturday 19th        EA Degree by 147
Thursday 24th        Visitation to Caledonian St. John Royal Arch Lodge No. 195 (FC)
Friday 25th             Burns Supper (cancelled).

March 2022
Thursday 3rd           FC Degree by 147
Saturday 19th
       FC Degree by 147

April 2022
Thursday 7th         Provincial Grand Lodge Visitation                        
Saturday 16th        Masters and Past Masters Association, meeting in the Masonic Hall at 11 am. 
Saturday 16th        FC Degree by 147
Thursday 21st        Visitation to Lodge St. John Kilwinning No. 28 (MMM)
Thuesday 26th       Visitation to Lodge Murdostoun Castle No. 1096 (MMM)

May 2022
Thursday 5th        Business Meeting with Lecture or Candidate
Wednesday 11th    Visitation to Cumbernauld St Andrews Lodge No. 199 (FC)            
Saturday 21st       MM Degree by Visiting Lodge

Thursday 26th       Visitation to The Athole Lodge No. 384 (MMM)
Saturday 28th       Anniversary Dinner at 5 pm in Masonic Temple

June 2022
Saturday 4th         Brock Bowling Cup Competition at 2.00 pm
Saturday 4th         Queen's Platinum Jubilee Dance at 7.30 pm in Masonic Temple

July 2022
Tuesday 26th     
Enquiry Committee & Management Committee - 7.30 pm

August 2022
Friday 5th             Masters Cheese and wine Evening for members, families and friends of 147 - 7.30 pm
Friday 26th           Speakers Night - 7.30 pm

September 2022
Thursday 1st         Business Meeting with guest speaker           
Saturday 17th
      MM Degree by the Athole Lodge No 384

October 2022
Thursday 6th         Nomination and Election
Saturday 15th       EA Degree by 147
Saturday 22nd       Provisional date for Annual Dance

November 2022
Thursday 3rd         Annual General Meeting
Saturday 19th
       Annual Installation - 2.30 pm prompt

December 2022
Thursday 1st         TBA              
Saturday 17th        TBA